In 2007 we moved to our little farm in Portage County, Ohio. For years I have always wanted a farm house and a farm house is what I finally got. This country girl at heart has always loved a simple life. From raising animals, crafting and even running my own business, are lives were about to change once again. We started raising pumpkins and other farm produce shortly after moving to our farm. The following year the old farmer next door who had always taken care of the bees had passed away. So naturally our crops would still need pollination, and that is how we became beekeepers. Beekeeping has became an obsession here at our home and it now consumes alot of our time, from tending to the bees, to harvesting honey, crafting beeswax , making soaps and so on. Take a look at our shop and enjoy. Please stop back soon, as we are just opening and items will be changing daily.