Which honey to buy? - Raw local honey directly from the beekeeper. Local honey comes from the bees that live in your neighborhood and is well known to be a great immune booster against seasonal allergies. Also by buying local honey, your supporting a local farmer, you can be pretty sure that the honey you eat is local, 100% pure, and unadulterated.

What is raw honey and does all raw honey crystallize?

Raw honey is basically unheated, unprocessed and unfiltered. No mixing, blending, straight from a beehive.  All honey is liquid once extracted from the hive. Because some floral varietals of honey tend to granulate and appear sugary over time, some honey companies process/heat and stabilize their honey to stop crystallization and keep their honey in clear, desirable form on the shelves, other wise known as pasturization.  All Raw honey will crystallize, some in weeks or maybe a few months.  Crystallization ensures a pure product. 

Our honey is "Raw"

Crystallization is a natural and reversible process.  Simply place jar in warm water to liquefy.  Do not microwave or refrigerate.